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    Increase the Reach of Your Election Campaign.

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    Promoting Democracy Around The World.
    That's Electioni.
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    Political Targeting Over and Over Again Powerful. Simply Beautiful.
    Our goal is to help campaigns focus on running
    not trying to be mini-tech companies.
    hey don’t need to figure this all out because we can!.

Strategy & Setup Process

  • Niche market research

  • Creating a customised social strategy

  • Identifying metrics for determining the

  • Effectiveness of overall marketing campaigns

  • Identify key influencers in your industry

  • Setup, brand, and optimize social profiles

  • 30-Day marketing support

Building Custom Facebook Apps

  • Custom Training Sessions

  • Custom Graphic Design: Web & Print

  • Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising

  • Managing Contests & Sweepstakes

  • LinkedIn profile setup for executive teams

Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linked in

  • Google+

  • Youtube

  • Pinterest


Anyone can process credit cards online. That's the easy part. Very few firms can actually raise the money for you and lots of it year after year, in good times and bad times. We're proud to be such a firm. That's because Electioni is staffed by fundraising consultants; we aren't mere toll booth collectors. Our team has decades of experience in raising money for candidates, non-profits, and issue campaigns. We've learned a few secrets along the way and now we're ready to share the insight.

  • Electioni pioneered fundraising on the Internet for politics and public affairs. In fact, we raised the first online contribution in political history. We've raised more money on the Internet than any other political or public affairs firm..

  • We're very proud of our record of success, but we don't dwell in the past; our top priority is your future. Call us today, and let's work together to develop a solution customized for you..

  • What We Do: Fundraising Strategy, Copywriting, Offline Event Integration, Credit Card Processing, List Development, Prospect/Suspect Development, Membership Development

  • Advertising

    You may have many would be supporters who will never visit your website, never follow your Twitter feed, and never connect with you on Facebook. Successful campaigns can’t afford to leave all that money on the table. But how do you reach that potential avalanche of support? What’s the missing ingredient?

  • Our elite advertising team can harness this invisible legion of supporters. We know how to find them online. Banner advertising, search and rich media are just a few of the ways we find them online. Effective search marketing can level the playing field between campaigns with unequal bank accounts. These folks are already your supporters; they just don’t know it yet.

  • Call us today to begin the conversation about how you can start fishing. We’ll compare our ROI against anyone.

  • What We Do: Banner Advertising, Search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Media Buying, Targeting, Lead Development & Membership Acquisition, Creative Development, Ad Serving & Optimization, Fundraising